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What is DetectionMap?DetectionMap is a data visualization tool that enables our communities to understand the prevalence of certain illnesses around them, beginning with COVID-19. This is made possible by providing nearly real-time information, updated every 24 hours, directly from the Providence health system. A more complete picture of COVID-19’s impact in a given community is intended to further the work of state and county health agencies to compile and share de-identified data for the public good.
How does DetectionMap work?Leading indicators, including disease-specific symptoms as well as test result information, are pulled directly from hundreds of thousands of clinician-patient interactions across Providence’s health system. The information is de-identified to ensure the privacy of all patients, and it is used to create a Disease Prevalence Index. The index is presented as a “heat map” that shows where Providence is seeing patients with COVID-19. The darker the color on the map, the higher the disease prevalence within that geographic area, and the lighter the color, the lower the prevalence of disease. DetectionMap currently displays the COVID-19 Disease Prevalence Index across the most populous areas Providence serves in Washington, Oregon, and California.
COVID third Wave Data and Analytics + DetectionMap
Providence has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic since seeing the first known US patient in January of 2020. Watch the pre-recorded livestream for updates from Providence experts, as well as to learn more about DetectionMap

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